FAQs for Summer Scholars and Summer Researchers-HHMI Undergraduate Program - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions
HHMI Summer Scholars and Summer Researchers

Do you require SAT scores or an official Carnegie Mellon transcript?
No. Because this program is for current Carnegie Mellon students these items are not required .

What is the difference between the Scholars and Researcher Programs?
The Scholars program is designed for students who intend to pursue a research-focused career. It is a structured research program with set dates and additional academic development programs such as the weekly Journal Club. Students in the Scholars program are NOT permitted to take outside courses. The Researcher program offers a more flexible schedule (the dates of the program are set by the student and faculty mentor) that allows students to take classes or fulfill other obligations.  

Is housing included?
Housing is only included for the Scholars program participants.  

Can I apply to both programs?
Students are encouraged to apply ONLY to the program that best matches their summer and life goals. Students applying to the Scholars program have the option of being considered for the Researcher program if they are NOT selected for the Scholars program.  

Are letters of recommendation required for both programs?
Yes. Approval from your faculty research supervisor is required. An e-mail requesting approval will automatically be sent to your supervisor upon completion of the online application. However, students are not required to be currently participating in research to apply to the program.

If I am selected for the Researcher program, can I participate in the Scholars program's activities?
While students are not required to participate in the extra academic development programs, they are encouraged to do so under the guidance of their faculty mentor.  

Where do I send my application?
Applications are submitted through the web site. Printed applications will not be accepted. Questions should be addressed to Aaron Mitchell at

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