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HHMI Undergraduate Program

I have unfortunate news about our HHMI funding. Our HHMI grant was not renewed. After 25 years of continuous support, HHMI has decided to change direction and focus on ways to improve science retention. Nationwide, over 60% of all undergraduates entering science programs eventually abandon their science paths. HHMI wants to focus on solving this important problem. At CMU, we don’t have a retention problem, less than 15% of science majors leave science. So, HHMI decided not to support undergraduate science education at CMU.

For acaemic-year funding options, please contact Jennifer A Weidenhof at the Undergraduate Research Office (URO).

We are actively working on funding schemes to maintain our summer programs. We will keep you informed about our progress.

Sorry for the unfortunate news.

Best of luck in your research,
Jonathan Minden, Program Director


HHMI Undergraduate Program
Department of Biological Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
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Program Director:
Jonathan Minden