Parker Mills-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parker Mills

2011 Ph.D. in Biological Sciences Alumnus

“A program with perfect balance.”

As an undergraduate at the university, I was introduced to Dr. Eric Ahrens’ laboratory. As a result, I came to understand that the professors at Carnegie Mellon are truly interested in providing a strong student experience, and will work with students to help them realize their full potential. This was an important factor in my decision to continue my education at Carnegie Mellon. My interaction with faculty has only increased since I became a graduate student.

I also chose to attend the Ph.D. in Biological Sciences program because of the importance the department places on collaboration. For instance, the opportunities to work with research groups and access scientific facilities at both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon are numerous. Within a ten-minute walking radius, almost any machine or microscope at either institution is available for use.

This collaborative emphasis has allowed me to experience cutting edge scientific inquiries in a team environment with other laboratories. Therefore, I have been able to learn a great deal about lab management and the interplay between politics, nationalism, research and ethics. Watching these human elements unfold alongside scientific developments is preparing me for my future goal of leading a scientific project team.

Lastly, I chose to enroll within the program because of the city in which it is located. Pittsburgh offers a vast array of opportunities for enrichment and leisure, such as a theater district, the Carnegie museums, three professional sports teams, and much more.

B.S. in Physics, Carnegie Mellon
B.S. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon