Prospective Students-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Why should you choose Carnegie Mellon for your graduate training?

First, there’s the biological science: a wealth of fascinating, profound questions to ask and answer using creative, novel tools, many developed here at Carnegie Mellon.

Then, there is the faculty:

  • energetic and creative individuals
  • leaders in their subdisciplines
  • despite heavy research, teaching, and writing duties, commit themselves wholeheartedly to training and mentoring our graduate students

And, of course, there are the opportunities:

  • to engage in exciting research
  • to pursue interdisciplinary interests
  • to present research results to the department, the local community, and international audiences

All of these aspects of our program fluorish in a small yet highly integrated environment. The results of training at Carnegie Mellon are students’ excellent scientific fundamentals, analytical thinking skills, creative approaches to problem-solving, and successful career paths.