03-534: Biological Imaging and Fluorescence Spectroscopy -Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

03-534: Biological Imaging and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

This course covers principles and applications of optical methods in the study of structure and function in biological systems. Topics to be covered include: absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy; interaction of light with biological molecules, cells, and systems; design of fluorescent probes and optical biosensor molecules; genetically expressible optical probes; photochemistry; optics and image formation; transmitted-light and fluorescence microscope systems; laser-based systems; scanning microscopes; electronic detectors and cameras: image processing; multi-mode imaging systems; microscopy of living cells; and the optical detection of membrane potential, molecular assembly, transcription, enzyme activity, and the action of molecular motors. This course is particularly aimed at students in science and engineering interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of modern light microscopy.

Fall: 9 units
Prerequisites: (03-231 or 03-232) and 03-240 and (09-214 or 09-344) and (21-259 or 21-268 or 21-269).