03-310: Introduction to Computational Biology-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

03-310: Introduction to Computational Biology

This course covers the application of computers to solve problems in biology and medicine. Since computers are increasingly used in biological research, the course is valuable for all biological sciences majors and interested students from other departments. It is intended for students without computer programming experience (students with a desire to apply programming methods to these problems should take the more advanced course 03-511, Computational Molecular Biology and Genomics). Topics covered are computational molecular biology (analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences), biological modeling and simulation (including computer models of neuron behavior, biochemical kinetics, and simulation of mutation), and biological imaging. Course work consists primarily of homework assignments making use of software packages for these applications. Students may not get credit for 03-310 and 03-510, 03-311 or 03-312.

Spring: 12 units
Prerequisites: 03-121