Join a multidisciplinary team building persistent, collaborative workspace for student project groups. ...more

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Dedicated project space enhances team productivity and collaboration however, at Carnegie Mellon, physical space is at a premium. Despite the constraint, interdisciplinary team meetings are happening ad hoc, 24x7-- in conference rooms, open spaces and even hallways. Unstructured by nature, student groups are managing their workload under-equipped with the assistive tools and technologies that could enhance their effectiveness as a team....more

The projectBARN is an interactive, physical and digital workspace. It is the digital equivalent of a dedicated project room. Teams share non-dedicated physical spaces and restore their group’s project work at the “flip of a switch”.

The physical BARN room is enhanced with many digital tools and interactive devices [click to go to components library] that support collocated group collaboration. Mobile extensions facilitate remote collaboration, as well as individual work outside the context of group meetings. Together, these tools support the rapid generation, organization, synthesis, and archival of ideas.

In sum, the projectBARN’s persistent collaborative environment bolsters group performance for the life of the project. ...more

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