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Art Minor

The Art Minor requires 6 courses in the School of Art. Students from other CMU colleges and departments are eligible to pursue a minor in art. Students who declare an Art Minor should follow the registration procedures for non-Art students as outlined below.

Admittance to Art classes for non-Art students is by instructor permission on a space-available basis. Generally, studio courses are smaller and have fewer spaces; art history/theory courses are larger and may have more spaces. Art professors will accommodate as many non-Art students as possible. They do not have priority in enrollment in Art classes over other non-Art students. Students should inform professors that they are attempting to earn the Art Minor. Professors do include as many as space permits. 

Non-Art majors (this includes Art Minors) may take any School of Art course only on a space-available basis since Art Majors (BFA, BHA and BSA) have priority. There are no "general" Art courses and there are no Art courses specifically for non-majors. Students should find specific Art courses they want to take.

An Art minor requires six courses in the School of Art (as listed below).

Course Requirements for Art Minor

Registration Procedure for Art Minor

Minors for Art Majors


Students who wish to discuss the Art Minor policies and procedures and/or declare the Art Minor must contact Keni Jefferson.

Minoring in Art:
Keni Jefferson

Minors for Arts majors:
Mark Cato

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All Art courses are listed online in the HUB schedule of classes under "Art" and have numbers beginning with 60: