Assistantships-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

MFA Assistantships

Assistantships provide experience in teaching, research and/or course administration, as well as financial remuneration.

Each semester, a graduate assistantship is required in exchange for scholarship, applied directly toward tuition. The expected commitment is 8 hours/week, which allows students time for their own art practice and/or the pursuit of other academic interests.

Graduate assistants are expected to take initiative to encourage a quality educational experience for themselves, and to set a strong example for undergraduates in their purview. The specifics of the job requirement are determined in agreement with the supervising faculty of staff member.

During the 3-year program, graduate students have the possibility of working with a choice of 6 different members of faculty or staff and experiencing a range of approaches to teaching, artistic practice and program management.

Working closely with each professor or staff member, students will gain invaluable insight into what is required to effectively deliver an undergraduate teaching program, and to balance a teaching, technical or administrative job with an artistic career. Graduate students will occasionally be expected to teach classes on their own.


Keni Jefferson, MFA & Admissions Coordinator, 412.268.8001