Transfer-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Transfer FAQ

The BXA Program currently accepts Internal Transfers (current CMU students) ONLY. If interested in transferring to the BXA program from another college of university, please contact the BXA Office at 412.268.8326.

1. Does the School of Art accept internal transfers in the Fall AND Spring?
Yes, Art will consider applicants for transfer for both the fall and the spring semesters.

2. What is the School of Art looking for in an applicant?
The Carnegie Mellon University School of Art is seeking students with a wide range of talents, aptitudes and backgrounds. Artistic ability, academic performance and leadership capabilities are all important in evaluating applicants for admission. Students should be performing well in their current major.

3. What are the application/portfolio deadlines?
If you wish to be admitted for the fall semester, your application and portfolio must be submitted early in March. If you wish to be admitted for the spring semester, your application and portfolio must be submitted in mid-October. (The deadlines for the BFA application are always the same as those for the BHA/BSA/BCSA application.) BHA, BSA an BCSA applicants who wish to be admitted to the Art Focus need only submit their portfolio and student information (see page 1 of the form) to the School of Art.

4. How can I get the application?
The Art application can be picked up in the Art Office (CFA 300) or downloaded from the Forms section of the BXA Interdisciplinary Programs Website

5. Where do I bring my completed application and portfolio?
Bring your application and portfolio to the School of Art office (CFA 300) by the date due. You will be notified after it has been reviewed and will be expected to pick up your portfolio within a week of that notice.

6. Can you give me some tips for preparing my portfolio?
Portfolio tips are provided under the BFA application page, here. 


Internal Transfer, contact: 
Mark Cato, CFA 300