BXA Art Requirements-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

BXA Art Requirements

The BHA and BSA Art concentration consists of 11 courses or 108 units, the BCSA 12 courses or 118 units. Students may take more art courses if they choose. The School of Art requires a portfolio review for admission to the BHA, BSA and BCSA Art programs.

Each of these degree programs consists of approximately 40 courses. The major difference between the BXA Art degrees and the BFA Art degree is the ratio of art to non-art courses. BFA students take at least 30 art courses and approximately 10 non-art courses; BHA/BSA students are required to take 11 art courses and at least 30 non-art courses; BCSA students are required to take 12 art courses and at least 30 non-art courses. BXA students usually take one or two art courses per semester. Art is a choice for students within these programs for philosophical and structural reasons.

Curriculum/Course Requirements

The Director of the BXA Program, Franco Sciannameo, is the primary advisor to BXA students. He teaches the BXA Freshman Research Seminar that examines the two main paradigms that form the basis of research in various fields of inquiry:

  • the systematic, scientific or positivist approach
  • the qualitative, ethnographic, and ecological or naturalistic approach