Independent Study-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Independent Study

Independent Study courses are tutorial courses in which a student works with the instructor of their choice on a one-to-one basis on self-generated projects.

Independent Study Requirements:

  • Students may conduct an independent study in studio work (60499, 10 units) or in art history/theory work (60399, 9 units).
  • Students may take only one Independent Study course in a single semester.
  • A 3.00 Q.P.A. is suggested in order to register for an Independent Study course.
  • Open to junior and senior students. Second-semester sophomore students may take one Independent Study course.
  • A total of TWO STUDIO Independent Study courses and ONE ART HISTORY/THEORY Independent Study course may be taken during the four-year BFA program.
  • Studio Independent Study courses are applicable to the required courses in one of the concentration areas (PDP, SIS, ETB) with the approval of one of the faculty members in the concentration area.
  • During the fall and spring semesters, students may register for Independent Study with any Art faculty member: tenure-track, visiting and part-time. During the summer, students may register for an Independent Study with only full-time continuing faculty.
  • Only one Independent Study course may be taken with each instructor. The School of Art does not recommend taking an Independent Study course with an instructor who is concurrently teaching a student's regular course.
  • Faculty members may work with no more than two Independent Study students during a given semester.


Submit a hardcopy Independent Study Form, signed by instructor, to: 
Mark Cato, Assistant Head
412.268.1531, CFA 300