Sculpture, Installation & Site-Work [SIS]-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Sculpture, Installation & Site-Work [SIS]

The SIS area embraces a challenging and constantly evolving definition of sculpture. Innovative and traditional materials, concepts and processes are explored in abroad spectrum of classes.

SIS offers students the opportunity to:

  • Experience the materiality and making of 3-dimensional objects
  • Value process as a way of discovering the capabilities of media
  • Articulate the dynamics of architectural space
  • Integrate artistic practice with eco systems
  • Investigate the conceptual dimensions of digital and virtual environments
  • Examine the potential of rapid prototyping and digital fabrication
  • Explore the animate nature of human computer interaction
  • Celebrate the mechanics of kinetic forms
  • Appreciate the difference between permanence and transience
  • Recognize the possibilities of dematerialization

Sculpture, Installation and Site-Work facilities have developed over 15,000 square feet of work space including the Digital Arts Studio.

SIS engages in interdisciplinary activities both on and off campus, with events such as the Solar Decathlon and contextual practice in neighboring communities.

Introductory Classes

Advanced Classes


[SIS]3D Media Studio II: Animated Theater

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