Drawing, Painting, Print Media & Photography [DP3]-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Drawing, Painting, Print Media & Photography [DP3]

The DP3 area addresses media with a two-dimensional orientation including drawing, print processes, painting, photography and digital imaging.  DP3 classes involve traditional, emerging and unconventional media applied to both perceptual and conceptual problems. 

DP3 courses:
  • Present drawing as central to the creative process and as a language shared across all media
  • Embrace traditional, emerging and unconventional media
  • Develop and integrate perceptual and conceptual skills
  • Explore manual, mechanical and electronic tools and processes
  • Consider creative and effective means of distribution and presentation
  • Connect historical approaches to contemporary issues and aspirations

Students move from more structured assignments to projects that they conceive themselves, ultimately developing their own vision and independent practices. DP3 embraces production in and outside of the studio, encouraging works for gallery walls as much as public spaces or contexts across diverse communities.  It encourages the unique work of art as well as the multiple, single and serial imagery, considering distribution and audience among other issues in contemporary image making. 



Print Media