Academic Advising-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Advising

Art students are encouraged to seek advice and assistance from all possible resources on and off-campus in order to get the most out of their undergraduate experience.

Mark Cato, Assistant Head of the School of Art, is the primary academic advisor for all undergraduate BFA students, and advises BHA and BSA students in regard to their Art Focus.

The faculty, staff and Head of the School of Art will also provide academic assistance and advice as it relates to their experience and expertise. Small studio classes provide many opportunities to develop close working relationships with faculty. Students are encouraged to discuss academic, professional and personal issues with them. They will refer students to others if they are not able to provide assistance themselves.

Online registration for classes takes place in November (for Spring semester) and April (for Fall semester).

Before this time, students meet as a class with the School of Art administrators to discuss curriculum requirements. Attendance at class advising meetings is required. Students with individual or personal academic questions are encouraged to make an appointment or stop in and meet individually with the Assistant Head.

Academic Electives

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