Get To Know: Joshua Reiman + Claire Stigliani - New Visiting Faculty-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Get To Know: Joshua Reiman + Claire Stigliani - New Visiting Faculty

Artists Joshua Reiman (sculpture) and Claire Stigliani (2D media) join the School of Art as Visiting Faculty for the next two years (2013-15). Don't miss out on taking one of their courses while you have the chance!

What classes are you teaching this semester?

Claire: 2D Media Drawing Studio - and intro course for undergraduatesthat focuses on the language, materials and concepts of drawing as foundation for all the visual arts. And the Advanced Drawing / Special Topics Course: Realms of the Superfan where students study work of contemporary artistis and texts, ranging from Henry Darger to Jeff Koons, and are asked to produce work quickly that incorporates personal interests, narratives, tastes, and obsessions while also conveying meaning to their audience within these historical precedents.

Josh: 3D Media Studio - The Structural Imagination (Wood and Steel) an intro course for underclassmen learning basic processes of working with these mediums, and the Advanced Sculpture / Special Topics Course: The Phantom Limb - an expansive course that covers the history of prosthetics and the art of transformational identity and sculptural objects relating to the figure. Through the production and execution of prosthetics (mold making, casting, assemblage, alternative processes, etc), students are asked to author visual stories by making sculptures, installations, photographs, film and video. Topics span shape shifting, misunderstood injuries, rapid aging, unidentified limbs, horrific imagery, gory details, gender politics, mystical healing, window to the unknown, heroes & villains, monsters & aliens, creatures from?, hybrid forms, part man/part animal, body extensions, and cabinet of curiosities, etc. View our class blog of projects here.

What did you do before coming to CMU?  

Claire: I was at the University of Missouri teaching all different kinds of classes from Drawing 1 to Graduate Seminars and got to work with a diverse group of people that were really different from me (beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, cultures).  The culture in Missouri is kind of amazing: there are cowboy churches, eco villages, amish, mennonites, and truck stops that are destinations unto themselves. I grew up moving a lot; I was born in DC, and then lived in (Vienna) Austria, Iowa, Oregon, (Amsterdam) Holland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, then Missouri. I am constantly the new girl at school.

Josh: For the last two years I worked as an artist and educator in Boston, MA. I was a part-time visiting professor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I also worked for the last 10 years as a fabricator for Matthew Barney, among other pursuits.

What skills / knowledge of yours are you excited about sharing w students? 

Claire: I was hired to teach drawing and that is really exciting to me because I LOVE drawing: I love drawings, I love making them, and I love watching people make them.  For me, drawing is an interdisciplinary medium: its function can be investigatory, preparatory, supplementary, complimentary or primary to someone's art practice. The immediacy of drawing allows for a rapid development and exploration of ideas.

Josh: First and foremost I am excited to share with my students that anything is possible when it comes to making art. My pedagogical model is a cross disciplinary approach with no conceptual or material boundaries. Within this, my specialties include mold making and casting, plastics techniques and fabrication, prosthetic make-up, welding, woodworking, photo, and film.

What are some current fixations/inspirations in your own art practice? 

Claire: My work is actually about the nature of fixation and inspiration. I am constantly obsessed. Some things I am currently obsessing about:

  • English fashion, in particular Vivienne Westwood.  Uptight tradition and unabandoned teenage rebellion that combines to form. English style has been an obsession of mine for most of my adult life.
  • The Anna Nicole Smith Opera - all things trashy and grand.
  • Kerry James Marshall - The way he paints interior space.
  • Rosey Grier and his book Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men from 1973
  • Princess Diana - I have been try to make a piece about her for years.

Josh: I am really into making multi channel films that include per formative actions with resulting sculptural objects. My interests include ancestral imagery, sports, American history, and contemporary art history.

What are you excited to get out and experience this fall in Pittsburgh?

Claire: The Carnegie International! But I am still figuring out all of what is going on ...

Josh: I am really looking forward to the Janine Antoni show at the Mattress Factory and the Yasumassa Morimurra show at the Warhol Museum. I am looking forward to exploring the region by car, foot, and mountain bike. Plus I am a huge hockey fan, but the Penguins are not my team. *Sorry...

* Bonus points for anyone who can turn Josh into a Penguins/Steelers fan by the end of his term.