2012 Senior Art Exhibition: Terms & Conditions-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Senior Art Exhibition: Terms & Conditions

Forty-three students graduating with bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and interdisciplinary arts exhibit final work in “Terms & Conditions ” at Carnegie Mellon University’s Miller Gallery.

Conflating notions of art-making, corporate culture, and spirituality as tools for achieving higher states of being with their show's title “Terms & Conditions,” the exhibition will present a wide range of work spanning video, printmaking, painting, sculpture, digital fabrication, performance and more.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Carnegie Mellon 2012 Senior Art Exhibition
Organized by the CMU School of Art
May 5 - 19, 2012, Miller Gallery, CMU

Opening Reception: May 4, 6-8pm, Miller Gallery, CMU
Conversation w Artists + Faculty: May 10, 6:30-9pm, Miller Gallery, CMU
Events are free and open to the public

“Here at Carnegie Mellon University, we strive for excellence, value, and superior customer service. We believe in hard work, balance, and beauty. This exhibition is our way of showing you how much we think, make, and do. We are excited to share with you our most recent line of merchandise. For the last four years, the School of Art has developed a new collection for premium existence in the contemporary world. In multiple clinical studies, we have found that our employees have made numerous ascensions in identity and community. Using this research, each of our members has developed a new cutting-edge tool, both exciting and beautiful, to make you feel good. We are excited to share with you the products of the future. Together at the School of Art we put forth tools for both living and considering in contemporary times, satisfaction guaranteed.*” 

- Carnegie Mellon School of Art Class of 2012
* Terms & Conditions apply

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree addresses many issues facing the contemporary artist and aims to develop each student's commitment, knowledge and creative skills necessary to work in a rapidly changing global culture. The BXA Intercollege Degree Program, where students may choose from three bachelor’s degree programs: Arts & Humanities, Arts & Sciences, and Arts & Computer Science,  has been steadily growing during the past several years, and enables students the freedom to individualize their educational experience by focusing on the three primary components of integration, balance and innovation. 

Exhibiting Artists

Ashley Baker Si Yeun Hwang Elizabeth Rudnick
Madeleine Barnes Jiyoo Jye Tome Saidon
Christina Baxter Meen Jung Kim Laurie Shapiro
Mahsa Borhani Na Hyun Kim Emily So
Caitlin Boyle Stacey Lu Youshin Song
Ashley Bravin Chelsea Lupkin Ann Stone
Julia Cahill Julie Mallis Martin Swift
Helena Chan Naeem Martinez-White Lindsay Taylor
Yuri Chung Steven Mentzer Hannah Thompson
Spencer Diaz Meghan Mills Meagan Trott
Jay Miriam Ju Young Park Anya Weitzman
Charlotte Gilmore Honor Randall Benjamin Welmond
Natalia Gomez Megan Ratliff Audra Wist
Allison Goizon Alexis Roberto
Tara Helfer
Soo Jin Hong

Senior Exhibition & Catalog Committee

Caitlin Boyle
Tara Helfer
Julie Mallis
Jiyoo Jye
Elizabeth Rudnick
Martin Swift
Audra Wist