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artcritpgh is a School of Art student blog featuring reviews of exhibitions, events, or collections that they have visited around Pittsburgh.

Contributors: Carter Warren, Chloe Newman, Emma Eichner, Esther Michaels, Jessica Aguero, Karen Tarkulich, Meen Jung Kim, Stacey Lu

You can comment either on individual pieces by each students, on all of the reviews of each exhibition, or in general. Add to the discussion and let us know what you think about the art and the writing 'round town!

This forum was set up for the Fall 2011 course 'Practices of Art Criticism' at Carnegie Mellon University, taught by Professor (and former CFA Dean) Hilary Robinson. Visits/Crits so far include: Warhol Director, Eric Shiner's, personal collection; Max Gimblett's 'The Word of God' at The Andy Warhol Museum; Pittsburgh Biennial at the Miller Gallery and Carnegie Museum of Art; Ragnar Kjartensson's ‘Song’ at Carnegie Museum of Art; Toto and Jim Fisher’s private collection; and more.

Excerpt: Sites of Passage – The Mattress Factory, Sept 9 – Jan 8

by Esther Michaels

The works shown at the Mattress Factory are translations from the virtual gallery to material works. On the opening night of the exhibit, attendees were made to pass through a customs of sorts, which ultimately valued each audience member individually, mimicking the cultural prejudgment of airport security...

photo: Noha Redwan, "Over My Dead Body", on view through January 9 in 'Sites of Passage', courtesy Mattress Factory