SLOW DOWN! Anti-Gravtity Downhill Derby Returns to CMU-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, April 18, 2011

SLOW DOWN! Anti-Gravtity Downhill Derby Returns to CMU

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This roiling wheeled event was truly about Spectacle - with the vague premise of getting to the finish-lion before the dawn of a new age.

Anyone could enter their Rolls Nice with spatial consideration given entries were fabulous, foolish or fickle. As an error-dynamic competition of powerless vehicles, the race took place on the mild ‘n wild incline stretching from Doherty Hall to the Cut, a path not necessarily known for its peril, tho soon noted for its ap-parel.

Pat Oleszko, 2010 Artist in Resonance, returned to oversee the races. Obscure messages were posted, strange contraptions emerged, people gathered and rubber-necked, as we revved our engines for the 2nd Annual Anti-Gravity Downhill Derby.