Individual & Shared Studios-School of Art - Carnegie Mellon University


Private and shared studio space for upperclassmen, graduate students, and faculty,average 250-400 sq.ft per person and are equipped with sinks and shared storage. A lottery is held at the beginning of each academic year to assign new spaces to students.

Undergraduate (BFA/BXA) Studios

  • Freshmen and sophomores work in communal studio classrooms and may store their work and supplies in lockers located along the 3rd floor hallway in CFA. Upperclassmen studios are assigned by lottery, the annual studio allocation process, conducted at the beginning of every Fall semester.
  • Juniors pair-up or triple-up in shared studios on either the 4th floor of CFA or the B sub level of Doherty Hall.
  • Seniors and BXA students enrolled in Senior Studio may secure a semi-private studio space in CFA or Doherty B level. 

Graduate (MFA) Studios

All graduate students have studio spaces located in CFA and Doherty Hall. First year students share a large sub-divided communal studio in DH. Second and third year students may obtain private studios or share with a studio-mate of their preference in DH or CFA. A small computer lab is resvered for MFA use only in the communal studio space. Studio choices are offered according to seniority (third year students choose first from available spaces, then second years, then first years).

Faculty Studios

Faculty members also have studios on campus, an important factor in the personal mentoring that occurs in and outside of the classroom. Permanent full-time faculty are given private studio space in either CFA or DH, while part-time faculty occupy a communal space in CFA.


Facilities & Studio Lottery:
Cynthia Lammert, Operations Manager

CFA & DH Floor Plans