2012 Margaret B. Gruger Faculty Fund Winners Announced-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 Margaret B. Gruger Faculty Fund Winners Announced

Shaw / Clifford / Mondor Awarded

School of Architecture Professor and Head Steve Lee has chosen Associate Professor Diane Shaw, Assistant Professor Dale Clifford and Adjunct Associate Professor Christine Mondor as this year's recipients.

Professor Shaw's proposal was titled: "Creating Course Image Banks"  Professor Shaw would like to create image banks as study aids for each of her courses.  For each course, individual lectures will be reviewed to better understand how they fit into the larger schema of the course.  The key examples will be selected and assembled as an image collection that meshes with the lecture material.  The edited image banks will be posted on course blackboard sites in order for students to study, critique and understand the building or site in its physical and historical context.

Professor Clifford's proposal was titled: "Innovation in Materials and Construction Technology_Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites"  The proposal is a collaboration endeavor with Visiting Professor Juan Sobrino P.E. (CMU Engineering, Principal of PEDELTA), to study the potential of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (GFRP) for small-scale deployable structural systems.  The purpose of this collaborative demonstrations is to: 1) contribute to growing body of research that recognizes the practice of experiential learning in order to test findamental architectural principals, and 2) encourage students to construct methods of inquiry that test, refine and advance theoretical speculation through making.

Professor Mondor's proposal was titled: "A New View of Ecodistricts: Technology + Community"  Professor Mondor will use the funds to present and attend the 2012 ACSA International Conference, "CHANGE, Architecture, Education, Practices", in Barcelona, Spain.