Professor Douglas Cooper Exhibits at Davidson Galleries-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, May 28, 2012

Professor Douglas Cooper Exhibits at Davidson Galleries

'Seattle Bridges: Monumental Drawings'

Douglas Cooper's charcoal-on-paper-on-panel piece "Two Routes Across" (2012) is part of the exhibit "Seattle Bridges: Monumental Drawings" at Davidson Galleries.

It makes perfect sense that Pittsburgh artist Douglas Cooper should feel an affinity with the topography of Seattle. Pittsburgh, after all, is a town of hills and waterways and bridges, just as Seattle is.

The difference between them — and the phenomenon that clearly gives Cooper a dizzying fairground-ride joy in "Seattle Bridges: Monumental Drawings" — is that Seattle, in several locales, has two bridges in the exact same spot crossing its waterways at different levels.

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By: By Michael Upchurch Seattle Times arts writer