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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Catalyst Foundation, "Analog Assisted Digital"

20th Anniversary Multi-Year Project

The Catalyst Foundation invites proposals for a special 20th anniversary multi-year funding that focuses on cross-disciplinary research projects involving mixed analog-digital integrated circuits.

The topic for this special multi-year funding is "Analog Assisted Digital" where analog circuit helps achieving superior performance in digital circuits and systems. For this special multi-year funding, the Foundation will consider a multi-year extension of the project up to 4 additional years after the original project period is over.

The goal of this funding is to contribute to the fusion of scientific and engineering research. To provide a concrete paradigm, it fosters university cross-disciplinary research projects in which at least one discipline is related to analog or mixed analog-digital integrated circuit design and analysis. Preference is given to projects that help diffuse such work geographically. The research support provided by the Foundation is in the form of grants.

Only proposals for genuinely cross-disciplinary work will be considered for funding. The proposals must normally be submitted jointly by more than one university investigators, with two being optimum, each working in a different discipline. Under exceptional circumstances, a proposal submitted by only one investigator who wants to venture into a discipline different from his/her own may be considered. In either case, one of the disciplines involved must be related to analog or mixed analog-digital integrated circuit design and analysis, with this discipline enhancing, or being enhanced by, the other discipline(s) involved. The emphasis of the grants is on doctoral student support, with some limited funds also available for equipment and miscellaneous expenses, travel, and conference attendance.

RFP [.pdf]