Architecture Explorations Exhibition-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, August 3, 2012

Architecture Explorations Exhibition

On View Through August 10 - Heinz Architectural Center

This exhibition presents a small selection of the more than 5,000 drawings, models, photographs, rare books, games, commemorative items, and other material made between the 1780s and the present, that comprise the collection of the Heinz Architectural Center. The Center’s collection encompasses the full range of architectural representation, from roughly sketched concepts to carefully detailed models, and from the handmade to the digitally rendered.

In keeping with the Center’s educational mission, the architecture galleries are transformed each summer into the design studios for Architecture Explorations, a program of lively camps and engaging workshops for kids ages six through high school. The objects on view here, including six models and 34 drawings of various types, -sketches, floor plans, sections, elevations, presentation drawings, and photomontages - have been chosen to support processes and themes examined in this program.

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