Kelly Hutzell and Mark Pasnik Teach Workshop 03-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kelly Hutzell and Mark Pasnik Teach Workshop 03

Archiprix International 2011

Kelly Hutzell and Mark Pasnik recently co-taught Workshop 03 at the Archiprix International 2011. The event brought together young architects who were awarded the best thesis graduation prize from their universities. The weeklong workshops were held at MIT and focused on the future of New York City. Check out for more information.

MegaMiniStructure (Workshop 03)
New York's strength has come from its diversity and density, placing people from many backgrounds in close proximity to one another. This intensity of exchange is rapidly disappearing in Manhattan, where only a select few can afford to live. MegaMiniStructure envisions a more inclusive Manhattan while addressing rising sea levels and the disappearance of cars. The proposal capitalizes on the future city's obsolete and flooded infrastructure as a ground for new places to live, work and play in an ever-expanding megastructure composed of infinitely adaptable ministructures.

mega3group 3