A Future Beyond Concrete Design Competition-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Future Beyond Concrete Design Competition

'A Future Beyond Concrete' is aimed at finding low cost innovative alternatives to concrete in the real world context of Bangalore, India.

We are reaching out to many creative disciplines to engage - see synopsis below - to create not only viable materials and processes however adaptation of traditional technologies, social entrepreneurship models and methods of dissemination of techniques. This is run in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity through the Open Architecture Network (OAN).

48 hour design challenge
As part of this we are enlisting design schools to run a 48 hour design challenge (up to 48 hours over a flexible however suggested period of two weekends and the interior week) as part of their course work between the 1st June - 9th August. This is flexible to how the teacher and university body percieve it best run. Students do still have to register online at the OAN by the 28th June. Attached is a sample methodology, however this is only a suggested design framework.

Benefits of participating in this exciting project:

  • class and university listed on the OAN competition and codesign website
  • taking part in a global competition linking universities together - we will be encouraging online collaborative processes and can look at linking students to another university getting involved 
  • taking part in an workshop model of teaching within an external framework 
  • the winning design to be scoped to be prototyped in India (and a prize trip for the winner to India).
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