Summer '11 Eberly Center Graduate Student Teaching Seminars-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer '11 Eberly Center Graduate Student Teaching Seminars

Beginning 25 May

Overview of student cognition***

Wednesday, May 25, 1-3pm
This seminar will provide an introduction to psychological models of how students learn.  We will discuss effective strategies for students to acquire facts, concepts, principles and skills and for instructors to
facilitate learning with examples, practice, and feedback.

Planning and delivering effective lectures***

Thursday, June 2, Noon-2pm
Even though all of us have observed hundreds of lectures as students, the process of preparing an effective lecture raises many new questions. How can an instructor keep students' attention? How can we tell if
students understand the material? We will examine how lectures can be most effective by analyzing videotapes of successful Carnegie Mellon instructors.

Conducting productive and engaging discussions***

Wednesday, June 8, 4-6pm
Discussion can be rich opportunities  for students to test their ideas, compare views with others, work collectively to address problems or issues, and receive feedback as they develop new analytical skills.  In this seminar we will discuss how instructors can prepare themselves and their students to create productive discussions.

Teaching first-year undergraduates***

Thursday, June 16, Noon-2pm
This seminar addresses characteristics of Carnegie Mellon freshmen identified by our faculty and by research and presents data on Carnegie Mellon students' study skills.  Using several mini-cases, we will discuss how TAs can work most effectively with these students.

Reflecting on your teaching style:microteaching workshop

Wednesday, June 22, 1-3pm
Participants will teach a brief 5-minute lesson and receive feedback on their teaching. Presentations in this session, along with an individual follow-up appointment to review the lesson on videotape, may count as an
observation for the Documentation Program.  Attendance is limited to 5 participants.

Course and syllabus design***

Tuesday, June 28, Noon-2pm
Participants in this seminar will examine a variety of syllabi to determine central components of a well-designed course and to explore the role of the syllabus in guiding students' learning.  If you want to
develop your own syllabus for the summer session or the Documentation Program, this seminar is recommended as preparation.

*** Seminar counts as a core seminar toward the Documentation of Teaching Development program.

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