wats:ON? 2013: NOISE-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, April 4, 2013

wats:ON? 2013: NOISE

04 - 06 April, 2013

NOISE – Golan Levin and Spike Wolff, Festival Curators

‘Ancient life was all silence…. with the invention of the machine, Noise was born.’ – Luigi Russolo, ‘L’Arte dei rumori’

Noise continually surrounds us, from white static to violent intensity. We are absorbed into, embraced by, and assaulted with sound. Vibrating through our bodies, we capitulate as it engulfs us and permeates our psyche. In the still of its quiet absence and the thrill of its deafening roar, the force of sound is a constant. wats:ON? 2013 explores the realm of noise through a variety of analog, digital, and apparatus enhanced sound-music performances. Noise asks you to surrender to the possibility of the rush of the sublime.

wats:ON? 2013: NOISE

We are pleased to announce a new website for the Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts, known as 'wats:ON?':  This initial launch includes general information and event listings of our upcoming festival 04- 06 April, . We will continue to update the site, loading it with content, images, and video from past festivals in the weeks and months to come, creating an archive worthy of the legacy and spirit of wats:ON?.