2013 Isabel Sophia Liceaga Fund Awarded-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Isabel Sophia Liceaga Fund Awarded

Dana Cupkova Recipient

School of Architecture Professor and Head Steve Lee, has awarded Assistant Professor, Dana Cupkova the Isabel Sophia Liceaga Discretionary Fund for 2013.

"Radiant Surface Flow Regimes / Passive Solar Thermosiphonic Surface System"

The goal of this project is to gain understanding of how the manipulation of surface geometry governs passive solar thermosiphonic technology. Recently, architectural practice has seen an explosion in the use of pattern logics embedded into building facades. However, their use is limited to compositional effect and lacks an understanding of how such aesthetic strategies can be coupled to actual building performance. The purpose of this investigation is to explore and refine both the material systems and mathematical models that are used to design thermosiphonic devices that can be integrated into building envelopes. This research proposal was also funded by 2013 NYSCA grant.