2013 Margaret B. Gruger Faculty Fund Winners Announced-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Margaret B. Gruger Faculty Fund Winners Announced

John Folan & Joshua Bard Recipients

School of Architecture Professor and Head Steve Lee has chosen Fitzgibbon Associate Professor John Folan and Assistant Professor, Joshua Bard as 2013 recipients.

Professor Folan's proposal was titled: "re_CAST: FABRIC FORMED EARTH" 

This proposal builds on experiences designing and constructing two affordable housing prototypes with rammed earth, DDBC Residence I and DDBC Residence V in Tucson AZ.  Those projects utilized traditional panelized methods of formwork.  This proposal would allow for the pure investigation of alternative forming techniques, and material exploration with failure as an option - an unacceptable alternative in the delivery of an affordable housing prototype.

Professor Bard's proposal was titled: "Soft Procedures: the body's paradigm in industrial robotics and architectural fabrication" 

Learning skilled motion is essential to many of humanities most important endeavors. The body fosters a wealth of tacit knowledge vital to cultural, political, and economic dimensions of our lived experience. For example, practiced movement is required to train the body in the visual and performing arts, sports, handcrafts, and medicine. Historically, robotic manufacturing has displaced unskilled manual labor to aid factories in repetitive, industrial tasks. This bias shows a surprising disregard for our bodily capacities. Soft Procedures proposes a research agenda within robotic fabrication that regards human skill both as a model for sophisticated robot motion control and as a basis for more seamless human-robot collaboration in fabrication settings. The project will use the application of wet plaster onto a wall surface as a means of testing haptic feedback in custom robotic tools. Through a constellation of hardware and software an industrial robot will be “taught” to plaster a wall understanding varying degrees of material resistance as plaster sets from plastic liquid to hardened solid.