2013 Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture

Awarded to Josh Bard

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Joshua Bard who has been awarded the 2013 Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture.

"Plaster cast: reanimating historical architectural pedagogy using contemporary digital tools"

This project proposes to digitally scan the Great Hall of Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art in order to create an interactive drawing and modeling environment where students can study building elements from antiquity. This digital interface will: emphasize the use of traditional drawing techniques (e.g. plan and section) to abstract and analyze the casts; move fluidly from 2D to 3D information (drawing to sculpture or digital drawing to 3D printing); and study beauty through ideal proportion as a proto-parametric modeling logic where manipulable models can be explored in real-time.

The Ferguson Jacobs Prize was established to promote the continuity of tradition in contemporary architectural practice. It encourages design excellence based on long-standing design principles that promote beauty and harmony in the built environment. Endowed by Mark Ferguson, Arch ’78 and Natalie Jacobs, Arch ’79, this prize of $5000 is available to students and faculty on alternating years in the School of Architecture. The prize supports projects that explore the classical tradition as vital knowledge to an architect’s education, practice and scholarship, or to individual apprenticeships and internships with a classical focus. Emphasis is placed on the dissemination of knowledge of the classical tradition and impact on the wider School of Architecture community.