ERCO International Summer Lighting Workshop for Students-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, February 8, 2013

ERCO International Summer Lighting Workshop for Students

16-19 July, Lüdenscheid, Germany

Lighting design and the correct use of luminaires are demanding subjects. Scenographic lighting concepts introduce additional creative dimensions which are often only alluded to in design courses. For this reason, developing user knowledge at ERCO is now more important than ever. The ERCO showrooms therefore feature special facilities and are equipped with extensive demonstration tools.

In a four-day workshop in Lüdenscheid, experienced architects and lighting designers from ERCO will be providing seminar participants with well-founded knowledge on lighting design and the perception of light, on light sources and on architectural, accent and ambient lighting. The ERCO Light Factory has an extensive range of demonstration tools, special indoor facilities and outdoor grounds at its disposal for studying how diverse lighting effects actually work in practice. The aims of the workshop include not only to provide teaching on lighting technology and on the fundamentals of perception, but also to increase students' competence in lighting design so that in their studies they will be able to develop and fine-tune their designs following lighting design criteria. The International ERCO Summer Lighting Workshop will also include lighting design exercises and an excursion to exemplary projects for museum and shop lighting, thus ensuring the theoretical knowledge of lighting design can be directly related to practical applications. A list of venues for further trips gives students impulses for making their own visits to interesting projects for architecture and lighting in the Ruhr-valley region after the Lighting Workshop has finished. Interested students can register themselves individually for the International Summer Lighting Workshop in English.

Seminar fees: The course fees are Euro 50. Students should make their own travel arrangements. If required, ERCO can assist with finding board and lodgings.

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