2013 Nanjing World Green Roof Congress and Award-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

2013 Nanjing World Green Roof Congress and Award

Please read further to learn more about this award opportunity. Details of the competition can be found on http://www.c1118.com/

Green Award-International Landscaping Planning Design Competition is organized by IRLA (International Rooftop Landscaping Association) and CABEE (China Association of Building Energy Efficiency), endorsed by VGAG (Vertical Greening Academic Group). It is a great honor in Chinese landscape planning community as well as the highest level of competition and a highly rewarded one in China. It provides a platform for public welfare as well as fair, impartial and open competition. It aims at finding talents as well as training and introducing them. Thus, there will be more amazing works which promotes the idea of green China. Moreover, we have the top prestigious judges from all over the world. The winners will be invited to join the World Green Roof CongressNanjing China held at Zidong International Creative Park from September 19th to 22nd, 2013. They will also have the chance to exchange idea with specialists, scholars and many other elites as well as receive prize money.

The highlights of this award include:

1) A world-famous judge group: We have invited prominent scholars and designers to be the judge. Such as Manfred Koehler, Tanya Müller García, Damian Tang and Patrick BLANC; 

2) The rewards of students’ group are very special: we not only have highly competitive prize but also wonderful trophies for golden and silver award winners: Beijing-Xi’an six-day tour and Suzhou-Shanghai five-day tour. Each one of the tours will ensure you have better understanding on traditional Chinese landscape planning techniques; 

3) The award ceremony will be hosted during the Nanjing World Green Roof Congress. Awardees will have great opportunity talking with great thinkers and designers in Nanjing, China.

Pollution not only troubles China but the rest of the world. We have only one earth therefore each of us is responsible for pollution management.  We do hope people all around the world would join this competition with passion. We shall work together to find new solutions to pollution management by landscape planning. We do hope the world will be a low-carbon and energy-efficient one; we do hope the world will be a green and livable one.