SoArch Big Winner of Steinbrenner Institute Environmental Expo!-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Sunday, May 13, 2012

SoArch Big Winner of Steinbrenner Institute Environmental Expo!

First Place in all Categories

Congratulations to fourth-year Archi's in Adjunct Associate Professor Gary Moshier’s studio who won first place in the Steinbrenner Institute’s Environmental Research category; Associate Professor John Folan's New Castle UDBS team won first place in the Campus and Community Service category, and Anna Rosenblum from Adjunct Associate Professor Hal Hayes' studio won first place in Art and Performance category.

The categories were very competitive and the judges were impressed with all of the projects that were presented.

Below is a complete listing of all winners:

Environmental Research

1st Place-  “Modular Sustainability - Marine Biology Research Center at St. Croix, Virgin Islands”

Jensen Ying, Eui Song Kim, Daniel Addis, School of Architecture

2nd Place- "Environmental Implications of Driving Patterns for Hybrid, Plug-in Electric and Conventional Vehicles"

Orkun Karabasoglu and Prof. Jeremy Michalek, College of Engineering-Mechanical Engineering/Vehicle Electrification Group

Art and Performance

1st Place- “Aeroponic Plants & Airport Design”

Anna Rosenblum, School of Architecture

2nd Place- “High Point Pittsburgh-Virtually There”

David Bear, Sean McChesney, STUDIO for Creative inquiry, Entertainment Technology Center

Campus and Community Service

1st Place- “Simple. Decent. And Affordable. 60K Habitat for Humanity Residential House”

Jae Won “Joy” Kang, Jessica Wang, Issac Kwon, Noelle White, Dan Quaintance, Rebecca Cole, Karno Widjaja, Prof. John Folan- School of Architecture, UDBS

2nd Place- “Community Vegetable Garden”

Molly Berntsen, CMU Community Garden