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Friday, February 24, 2012

Robot Rumble


REPLY BY MARCH 10TH to Dan Wilcox

What if today’s robotic technology could be put to the test in a one-on-one tiered wrestling tournament? How would a Roomba stack up against a UAV? Could a Google self-driving car defeat the cuteness of Keep-On? Uh oh, Geminoid was talking smack about the CMU CRUSHER! It’s on!

Come on down to see who will win the Colossal Weight championship of the world!

Robot Rumble is a live multimedia performance where actors portray real-life robots in one on one bouts in the style of backyard and WWF wrestling. Major themes of robots and society will be explored through cardboard-crushing, masculine soap operatic action.

The event will occur March 30, 2012, on the opening night of the 1st and 2nd year MFA show at Bakery Square. A subsequent showing will take place in the end of April as part of the upcoming Cyborg Cabaret show.

Looking for costumers to help build wearable contemporary robot costumes out of simple materials and performers to act within them. The performers do not need to have spoken roles as audio can be overdubbed and the fight sequences will be worked out ahead of time.

Essentially this is 80's WWF meets current commercial robots. Each robot has his own introduction and beef rant before the bout. Expect the full square circle soap opera treatment.

I'm totally open for input from anyone willing to help make this happen, so if you are in a wearable art of performance class, we can work out a way you can use this project as class work if you desire.

I will have full video documentation of the event to posted online with full credit attributed.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you.
Dan Wilcox (MFA '13)

Artist Info

Dan Wilcox is an artist, musician, and engineer interested in exploring and expanding the boundaries of Art & Technology in the field of live Human Computer Performance (HCP) through research and experimentation. His robotcowboy one-man band cyborg musical performance project has toured the US and Europe for the last 4 years. Dan previously worked as a Creative Engineer for the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz, Austria and is currently pursuing an MFA at Carnegie Mellon University.

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