Ficca Named Part of "Fab Four" by Architect Magazine-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ficca Named Part of "Fab Four" by Architect Magazine

Iwamoto, Caradec & Sass Round Out the List

Is digital fabrication more than a hobby? These four designers see it as a process that could affect the way we make everything from lighting fixtures to heating systems. They discuss the tools and challenges shaping the printed environment.

Most of the materials used for constructing buildings today are centuries if not millennia old: from brick and plaster to timber and stone. But a growing number of architects have seized upon digital fabrication as a chance to shift the paradigm. Although digitally fabricated products are typically limited in size and scale—and restricted to using cutable, printable materials such as cardstock, foam, or nylon for interior surfaces—this quartet of architects is exploring how the future may see printers and computers replace hammers and nails.

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By: Brian Libby