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Friday, January 27, 2012

ACADIA@ACSA Digital Aptitudes | Synthetic Ecologies Workshop

29 February - 01 March

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Sponsored by ACSA, ACADIA, Objet, and MIT

This two-day intensive workshop will provide faculty and advanced graduate students the opportunity to hone their digital and prototyping skills. Working at the Objet Headquarters and on the MIT campus with a team of expert consultants, each participant will experiment with a range of digital tools to design a project that negotiates the material relationships between the component (part) and the network (whole). Participants will generate and fabricate a unique component that combines with others to create a larger artifact that will be situated within a particular field condition. The results of the workshop will be showcased at the Boston Park Plaza and formally presented during the100th ACSA Annual Meeting.

Consultants: Gregory Luhan (ACSA/ACADIA organizer)
MIT: Justin Lavallee, Takehiko Nagakura, Neri Oxman, and Larry Sass
ACADIA: Nataly Gattegno, Kyle Miller, Ronnie Parsons, and Gil Akos
Student Assistants: 4 local MIT assistants.

Sessions begin at 8:00am Wednesday February 29 and finish at 6:00pm Thursday March 1st .

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