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Friday, January 13, 2012

Passion, Terror & Interdependence

A Cyborg Cabaret Call for Proposals

The Cyborg Cabaret explores human, robot, and cyborg relationships in a variety show format featuring everything from cutting edge metal machines to cardboard-suited meat bags. Expect tear-jerking vignettes, frequent non-sequiters, and lots of humor through avant art-meets-science theater. Prepare your power plugs!

Call for Proposals

We are seeking new and exciting live acts in the realm of robot theater, cyborg performance, and technological interplays for a 2 day repeat performance (Fri/Sat) at a Pittsburgh venue in April of 2012 and possible follow up in New York City in May 2012.

We are looking for everything from multi-million dollar robotics demonstrations to spray-painted cardboard suits, from puppets to philosophical monologues. Members of the cabaret will hail from the arts, robotics, and technological fields. The intended audience is adult/mature.

Proposal Requirements
2-10 minute live act
title and 200 word description
names and short bios of performers involved (human and mechanical)
1 page outline/script
short list of inspirations for the act (films, videos, stories, etc)
stage diagram (assume traditional stage with side entrances)
optional materials budget ($50-200)
technical requirements (lighting, sound, etc)
required technical assistance (fabrication, electronics, software, etc)
Performers will receive photo and video documentation of their works.

Feel free to submit multiple proposals.

Send proposals to:

Deadline for Proposals: Febb 6 2012
Notification of Selection: Feb 20 2012

Proposals are curated by:
Dan Wilcox (
Heather Knight (

Made possible by the CMU School of Art Interdisciplinary Award 2011