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Friday, May 4, 2012

CAS Media Initiative

Call for Project Proposals


The Center for the Arts in Society is now undertaking a three year initiative on the topic of ?Media?.  As part of that initiative we are
calling for proposals for projects under that rubric, to be led by faculty members of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences or the College of Fine Arts.  Two projects, approved for 2011-2014, have already begun: ?Listening Spaces??led by Richard Randall (Music) and Rich Purcell (English)?and ?Gender, Sexuality, Media??led by Suzie Silver (Art).   A third project will be selected for a three year term of support (2012-2015) beginning this summer.
More Information [Link]
The ?Media? initiative builds on longstanding interest at Carnegie Mellon in media studies, as well as recent developments in new media, social media, software studies, and related fields.  We are particularly interested in projects that are interdisciplinary, that build points of
connection between the arts and the humanities, and that deal with multiple kinds of media.  Jointly organized projects, with one leader in CFA and one in HSS, are especially encouraged.
Projects will be funded for three years, and project leaders will receive salary supplementation for three summers.  Project leaders must be full-time faculty in HSS or CFA. Projects should involve multiple participants, whether drawn from within or outside Carnegie Mellon. The projects also should be ?productive,? meaning they aim to realize significant works over the course of the funded period.  These may take the form of publications, performances, events, or other forms of scholarly or artistic production.
If you are interested in submitting a proposal for consideration, please send a one paragraph project description (200 words maximum) **by May 5** to: