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Friday, February 17, 2012

CAA’s Career Services

22-25 February

CAA’s Career Services at CAA’s 100th Annual Conference, which will take place next week in Los Angeles from February 22-25, 2012. Employers can post jobs and reserve interview space for meetings with potential candidates and/or scheduled interviews. We still have a limited amount of Interview Booths and Tables available for Employers to meet and interview candidates in a professional atmosphere.

Find the best and brightest artists and art historians on CAA’s Online Career Center.

Place your job ads in our national database and search continuously updated résumés placed by artists, art historians, museum professionals, designers, art educators, and other members of the visual arts community.

See our complete list of job posting packages and interview space packages [link]. Employers can repost an expired job posting with our special 15-day job posting package available now and through the week of the conference.

Post your current job positions on CAA's Online Career Center and plan to interview these talented professionals at CAA’s 2012 100th Annual Conference, to be held next week at the LACC-Los Angeles Convention Center, located at Petree Hall, Level 1, from Wednesday, February 22 to Saturday, February 25, 2012.

CAA’s 100th Annual Conference is next week.

Interviews at the Annual Conference will be held in the Interview Hall. The hall will be divided into two distinct areas: Interview Booths and Interview Tables. Booth and table rentals are available for meeting job candidates and conducting interviews.

The Interview Booths are for prearranged interviews. Each booth is semiprivate and encourages a calm, focused interview environment. A check-in attendant will direct interviewees to their booths.

The Interview Tables are ideal for employers that have not prescheduled interviews. Students can drop off résumés and portfolios informally and meet prospective employers. Interviews may also be conducted at those tables.

The Interview Hall is open Wednesday-Friday, February 22 through Friday, February 24, 2012 from 9:00 AM–7:00 PM and on Saturday, February 25 from 9:00 AM–12:00 NOON. To participate in the Interview Hall, you must post a current job, or have recently posted a job, on CAA’s Online Career Center.

Post a job listing or reserve Interview space [link]

For additional information about table and booth rentals [link]

For questions and inquiries regarding CAA’s Online Career Center & reserving interview space,
email Patricia Holquist or telephone: 212-392-4423.