Waffle Shop and Conflict Kitchen-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, April 1, 2011

Waffle Shop and Conflict Kitchen

Looking for New Team Members for the Summer 2011

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a unique business and project that relies heavily on student input and participation.

All students applying must:
- be responsible
- work well as a member of a team
- be eligible for work study
- and have an interest in being part of a unique project

Additional experience or background for potential team members can include but are not limited to:
- restaurant experience (serving, cooking, support staff)
- performance
- tech
- design
- building
- management
- customer service
- language

This is an ideal job for all kinds of students, from anyone looking to be a big part of something, as the opportunity to take on responsibility with the project exists for all that are interested, to someone just looking to make some money over the summer.

Anyone interested should reply to Conrad Waite, assistant director Waffle Shop

The Waffle Shop is a neighborhood restaurant that produces and broadcasts a live-streaming talk show with its customers, operates a changeable storytelling billboard on its roof, and runs a take-out window that sells food from countries engaged in conflict with the U.S. The shop is a public lab that brings together people from all walks of life to engage in dialogue, experimentation and the co-production of culture. The project functions as a classroom for students from Carnegie Mellon University, an eatery, a TV production studio, a social catalyst, and a business. Our customers are our funders, audience, and participants as we film during open hours, inviting interested patrons to express their unique opinions and personalities.

Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. The food is served out of a take-out style storefront, which will rotate identities every four months to highlight another country.  Each Conflict Kitchen iteration is augmented by events, performances, and discussion about the culture, politics, and issues at stake with each country we focus on.