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Monday, April 18, 2011

Owens Corning Recruitment

Tuesday, 26 April

A recruiter from Owens Corning will visit CMU Tuesday, 26 April, to meet with graduate students, and will be available for interviews in the afternoon.  This visit offers some interesting opportunities for international students.

Please see details below and send Nina Baird an email by this Thursday at 5 pm if you'd like an appointment.

Also, on Wednesday morning, April 27, from 9 to 10:15 am in the IW, an Owens Corning specifications writer & technical rep will discuss insulation and air sealing, IEQ, and Owens Corning's new air sealing product that's warranted for 50 years.

About job opportunities: part of my discussion with Owens Corning has been differences in the use of insulation around the world.  Some of you come from countries where insulation is not widely used or available, even though it could be effective in improving comfort and reducing mechanical conditioning.  If you are returning to your home country and are interested in trying to introduce insulation into the market, the
recruiter would like to know your specific interests and is willing to explore "creative" opportunities for jobs and internships in your home country.

Alternatively, if you're interested in working with Owens Corning in the US, the recruiter will be happy to discuss more conventional job options.  They're a large company.  Volker and Vivian were involved in
the design of their headquarters office in Toledo, OH.

We'll schedule appointments as individual or group meetings based on the level of response.  The recruiter, Jill Maxson, said she'd like to get your resume when she meets with you.