University Lecture Series Featuring Nate Wildfire-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

University Lecture Series Featuring Nate Wildfire

Sustainable Policy Coordinator for The East Liberty Development, Inc.

Thursday, January 13 4:30pm – Porter Hall 100 (Gregg Hall)

Nathan Wildfire HNZ’06, East Liberty Development, Inc.
A Sustainable Neighborhood Resurgence

The last five years in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh have seen exciting change as community driven neighborhood development has begun to reverse the negative effects of failed 1960’s Urban Renewal.  Guided by the 1999 stakeholder Community Vision, ELDI and community partners, developers, service providers, and faith-based organizations have worked hard to restore East Liberty to a mixed income, stable neighborhood populated by regional retail destinations and small businesses.  Today, the neighborhood is attracting services, amenities, and employers that have ignored East Liberty for over forty years.  Whole Foods, Home Depot, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Border’s Bookstores and others are experiencing success in a low-income neighborhood, giving residents new and exciting shopping and employment options.  New small businesses are opening up shop, taking advantage of small business assistance programs.   Three hotels, new plazas, and more entrepreneurs are on the way, as well as an influx of residents from every income spectrum.  Blighted and abandoned housing is being secured and eliminated, replaced with high quality, well-managed affordable and market rate housing.  Residents are returning to the neighborhood, adding their voice to East Liberty’s revitalization.  Outside investment is coming in.  East Liberty is an exciting place to be.

Fifth-year "Archi", Raedun Knutsen will introduce the Nate before his lecture.  She has been working with East Liberty Development as her Fifth Year Scholar project.  Raedun states, "East Liberty has a very interesting story to tell that continues to change with current development. Don't forget to ask all of the tough questions about gentrification and neighborhood identity!"