2011 Isabel Sophia Liceaga Fund Awarded-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Isabel Sophia Liceaga Fund Awarded

Ficca Named Recipient

School of Architecture Professor and Head Steve Lee, has awarded Associate Professor, Jeremy Ficca the Isabel Sophia Liceaga Discretionary Fund for 2011 for his proposal, "Digital Tectonics: The Building Joint Reconsidered".

Per Professor Ficca, "The research does not seek to solve a particular construction problem, but rather aims to explore the potential within novel processes. As a point of departure, the wall will be used as the focus for study.  Performative criteria will be utilized to inform the design and development of the components and assembly.  This inital phase of reserach will result in the production of prototype wall assemblies andjoinery system.  The associated robotic fabrication workflow and affect upon the design and fabrication loop is of equal importance to the physical object and will offer a significant contribution to the current digital fabricaton discourse."