The Frame Gallery Offering $300 Grant-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Frame Gallery Offering $300 Grant

Reminder: Student Proposals Due 14 January, 5:00pm

The Frame Gallery will be providing one grant of $300 to a student or group of students to create a site-specific work at the Frame, spring 2011. The grant is open to students from all disciplines. We aim to choose an artwork that will transform the gallery space, in any medium. Our goal is to gather a panel of one professor or graduate student from each school in the college of fine arts to represent their department in the decision process.
Please reply to The Frame Gallery by December 6 if you are interested in being a panelist.
Student proposals will be due on January 14th. We plan to display a slide show of all the proposals at the Frame on Saturday, January 15th, for the public to see, and hold a private panel discussion on Sunday, 16th. Depending on the number of proposals we receive, reading and discussing should take about 4 hours. The winner will be selected by January 21st.
Once the grant receiver has been chosen and the work is installed, panelists are asked to participate in an artist talk and discussion open to public on the week of the February 21st. Finally, we invite you to a thank-you celebration and closing reception for the show on February 25th.
Here's an outline of the calendar:
 Friday, January 14th, Show & grant proposals due
 Saturday, January 15th, public slide-show display of grant proposals
 Sunday, January 16th, private panelist discussion of grant proposals
 Tuesday, January 21st, notify grant receiver and exhibitors / announce
 Friday , January 28th, semester opening party
 Friday, February 14th, small opening for site-specific, grant funded work
 Week of February 21st: panelist and artist talk about the artwork during the day
 Friday, February 28th, closing reception celebration, and thank you for panelists.

By: Kristen Frambes,, 412-268-2000