Fall 2011 Registration-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fall 2011 Registration

Group Question & Answer Session with Heather Workinger

It is time for Fall 2011 registration very soon.  Next week, Heather Workinger is hosting group question and answer sessions about registration during studio lectures.
Heather will also be taking individual appointments for all students to discuss scheduling of classes.  The individual appointments are scheduled on 15-minute intervals meeting in 201 CFA.  Please email Heather Workinger a few times that you are available so you can agree on a time to meet.  If you are scheduling an individual appointment, please prepare a list of potential elective courses that will fit in your schedule and match your interest area.
Here are some helpful sites to get you ready for Fall 2011 registration...
The new Student Information On-Line (SIO) can be used for course planning, viewing your academic audit, and tracking your progress.
View the Fall 2011 schedule of classes

FALL 2011 registration for Carnegie Mellon students begins Monday, April 18, 2011.  Your registration date is based upon your class status for Fall 2011.  First, determine which day you are eligible to register:

SENIORS -- Monday, April 18

JUNIORS -- Tuesday, April 19

SOPHOMORES -- Wednesday, April 20

FRESHMEN -- Thursday, April 21

To find your assigned registration start time, determine the last two digits of your Student ID Number (this is NOT your Carnegie Mellon Card number) and look to the left to find your assigned start time. You can find your student ID number in SIO under the "MY INFO" tab. Graduate students and non-degree students DO NOT have a start time.

                              LAST TWO DIGITS OF
----------------        ------------------------------
6:00am                       75-79
6:30am                       80-84
7:00am                       60-64
7:30am                       70-74
8:00am                       65-69
8:30am                       90-94
9:00am                       00-04
9:30am                       05-09
10:00am                     95-99
10:30am                     85-89
11:30am                     30-34
12:00pm                     20-24
12:30pm                     15-19
1:00pm                       25-29
1:30pm                       10-14
2:30pm                       50-54
3:00pm                       45-49
3:30pm                       40-44
4:00pm                       35-39
4:30pm                       55-59

NOTE:  You may register any time after your assigned start time.

Also, when using the Student Information On-Line (SIO) "Plan Course Schedule" function to plan your Fall 2011 Schedule, please make sure that when browsing for courses, that you select the appropriate teaching location where you will be studying.  If you cannot find courses for which you are looking, please send us feedback using the SIO feedback link.
Please schedule an individual appointment if you have specific concerns about your academic path.