Call for F'11 Graduate Student Orientation Team-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, April 25, 2011

Call for F'11 Graduate Student Orientation Team

Darlene Covington-Davis is assembling a graduate student team for the F'2011 New Graduate Student
Orientation.  The orientation will be held during the week prior to the start of fall classes (Aug.22). Many of the afternoon sessions (1-3p) for 2-3 days, have on-line files which need updates each year. Team members
may or may not be required to participate each day, but will receive a $50/day stipend for each day they are assigned.

There will be an organizational meeting scheduled soon. To participate, you should be a
returning student next semester.

If you are interested, and will be on campus the week of August 22nd, and available via email during the summer, please contact Darlene Covington-Davis.