cityLAB Internship Opportunity-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, February 21, 2011

cityLAB Internship Opportunity

What did you do at your last internship, make tea? Photocopy? Send faxes? Would you believe we offer internships where you actually get to do something?

Work on a cityLAB experiment or concoct one of your own. We are open.

Our package deal includes:

A 16 week session (by semester).
6 hours work a week.
A stipend based on your experience and skills.
A contract that we both sign.

This application should:

1. Be creative and thought provoking.
2. Convince us you understand what we do.
3. Compel us to do something - different, bigger or better.
4. Show us you have the skills to help us.
5. Include writing samples that speak for themselves.
6. Include other work samples that knock our socks off.
7. Provide references (if we ask for them)

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