ASME Solar Energy Graduate Student Award-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, January 24, 2011

ASME Solar Energy Graduate Student Award

Deadline: 15 March

The ASME Solar Energy Division is pleased to announce the annual award to be presented to an outstanding graduate student working in an area of solar energy. Areas of interest include:

    Fundamentals and Theory
    Solar Optics
    Solar Collectors
    Solar Thermal Power
    Photovoltaics
    Solar Chemistry and Bioconversion
    Solar Space Applications
    Conservation and Solar Buildings
    Sustainable Cities and Communities
    Low and Medium Temperature Heating and Cooling Applications
    Energy Storage
    Testing and Measurements
    Wind Energy
    Climate Changes

The award consists of $1000, a recognition certificate, and registration at the ASME 5th Energy Sustainability Conference to be held in August 7-10, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Applicants must be student members of ASME enrolled as full-time graduate students, both effective at the date of their application.

Application Procedure
The completed Application must include:
    The Application Form [Link]
    A Statement of Research
    Official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts
    Two (2) letters of recommendation, one from the research advisor

Statement of Research
The Statement of Research is to be written by the student and must represent the student's own thinking. It is to be written using non-specialized terms that are clear and unambiguous, so that someone not intimately familiar with the specific field of research but with a solar energy background can understand the material. The Statement of Research is limited to three pages including figures. (Type size should be no smaller that 12 points and margins no less than one inch.) It should include a brief overview of the research, method of approach, and discussion of potential significance of the results.

The application material should be submitted electronically to Jorge E. González, Chair of the Graduate Student Award committee.