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Monday, March 22, 2010

Study Abroad in Croatia

Design/Build Program Fall 2010

The Department of Landscae Architecture at the University of Washington is offering a unique 12 credit Design/Build Program in the Fall Quater 2010.  The focus of the studio project is the design and construction of a "therapeutic garden" component built to serve high school students at risk in Rijeka, Croatia.

The fall international Design/Build Croatia 2010 Program provides students with a unique service learning opportunity to study in an exceptionally interesting and historic country, Croatia. Rich in multi ethnic history and culture, Croatia is a beautiful country with the pine forests in the north and the arid rock cliffs of the Adriatic. The Adriatic coast, with the walled medieval cities of Dubrovnik, Korcula and Split are unique with Roman roots and Austrian Hungarian influence. These sites will be destinations of the program. This program is designed to meet two primary goals. First, offering students the opportunity to explore, observe and study in this unique country and culture and appreciate it's vernacular environmental design. Second, the opportunity to work with a unique client and design and construct invaluable therapeutic gardens to nurture, stimulate and educate the children and their families.

Students will work with the client, Dormitory Podmurvice River, which is a residential high school in Rijeka, Croatia, and its staff, administrators, and children. They will also work with Croatian landscape architect Marina Butorac to design and build the therapeutic garden. Students will learn the skills of small culturally appropriate site design and construction detailing through this intensive project. The process is formed around the collaborative model of inclusive design. Each student will take on individual responsibilities for various aspects of the project. The rapid pace of both the design and construction will demand a deep level of commitment and responsibility. Students will learn graphics, site design, and construction documentation and learn what constitutes a "therapeutic garden" and how it functions. In the building phase, students will learn principles and methodologies of construction, how to use tools, calculate materials and cost estimating. The students will also learn through the children and volunteers of Dormitory Podmurvice River about designing for high school children at risk.

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